Tomorrow, Xbox Live will kick off its Summer of Arcade program with the highly-anticipated Bastion.  As the trailer displays, Bastion has a vivid eye-catching art style that immediately draws you into the world.  Your hero—known as the Kid—explores a world recently torn up by an event called the Calamity and now must fight off an infestation of vicious creatures.  The most unique feature of Bastion is the dynamic narration that occurs as you play the game.  In addition to telling the game’s story, the narrator will comment on specific actions and habits of the gamer, such as which weapons you prefer to use while dispatching enemies.  We saw Bastion at PAX East and E3 this year and it was friggin’ incredible, so we’re excited for tomorrow’s launch.  For those of you who don’t own an Xbox, a PC version of the game will be available an ambiguous timeframe later in the year.