As July starts to set New York City straight as far as what summer feels like, a slew of outdoor movie screenings across the city have started popping up. This week, the pre-Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy brings the laughs in the very dated (but still funny) Coming to America. Originally released in 1988, the film stars Murphy as an African prince who arrives in New York to search for a bride with his faithful companion, played by Arsenio Hall. The two of them eventually land a job at a fast food restaurant and, yes, hilarity ensues, to some degree. While not as much a “breakout” film for Murphy as Beverly Hills Cop was, the film still has some of the better examples of his ability to play multiple characters in the same scene, especially in the barbershop discussions about boxing. The best part is, the screening is free.—Finn Cohen

Coming to America (1988)
Thursday, July 7
8 p.m.
Tompkins Square Park
500 East 9th St., New York