It’s hard to accept that Entourage, HBO’s resident bromantic comedy, is coming to a close. Though we can’t tell you exactly which portion of the sun, sex, and swag-infused series’ formula resonated most closely with its millions of viewers, we can tell you what kept us tuning in Sunday after Sunday: An agent by the name of Ari Gold.

Talk about a phoenix risen from the ashes, Jeremy Piven was once that guy it almost pained you to watch play John Cusack’s flunky over and over in flicks like Grosse Pointe Blank and Serendipity (on your girl’s orders, of course). However, in an exceedingly rare Hollywood image resurrection, we watched the actor become born again as one of TV’s ultimate alpha males, one who dudes looked up to and girls ashamedly wanted to bone in equal measure. Just take a moment to reflect on an Ari-less Entourage; it can’t even be done. Though he might be on the outskirts of the core four, it’s his rants, raves, and general chutzpah that help make the series what it is.

In honor of our favorite agent’s last stand, which starts with the season premiere of the eighth and final season this Sunday night, we present to you Ari Gold's 10 Greatest Rants.