Internationally, the AntiSec movement has taken some big hits in recent weeks. After the arrests of 32 suspected Anonymous members in Turkey about a month ago, a further 15 members—some as young as 15—were scooped up by Italian police last week for DDoS attacks on government websites and database dumps of 20 universities in the Mediterranean country.

Here in the States, AntiSec hit IRC Federal, an engineering contractor for the FBI. Within the company’s internal e-mails the hackers found plans for the FBI’s development of a “Special Identities Modernization (SIM) Project” aimed at “[reducing] terrorist and criminal activity by protecting all records associated with trusted individuals and revealing the identities of those individuals who may pose serious risk to the United States and its allies.” Other documents revealed fingerprinting and biometric contracts, as well as contracts for the “National Nuclear Security Administration Nuclear Weapons Complex.”

In a press release, the hackers implored the IRC Federal employees to take a stand. “If you place any value on freedom, then stop working for the oligarchy and start working against it,” they wrote.

[via New York Times and AntiSec]