For years now, Andre 3000's name has been attached to a potential biopic for the late, great rock 'n' roller Jimi Hendrix, but the project seemed to hit a standstill last year. Yet, it looks like the momentum may have picked back up. 

In an interview with Esquire, Captain America: The First Avenger co-star Haley Atwell dropped hints that she might "possibly" starring along side the Outkast MC-turned-actor in the possible flick. "Next up is possibly a Jimi Hendrix biopic: an independent film with Andre 3000 from OutKast playing Jimi Hendrix," says Atwell. "But I don’t know, really. The Atwell team is like, Let’s just wait and see...”

Could this long-gestating project finally be on its way? And, if so, who is Atwell looking to play? Regardless, we're not holding our breath for this movie; at this point, it seems more likely thta we'll hear a proper Andre 3000 solo rap album first, which, of course, would be ideal.

Written by D'Erricka Arthur

[Via The Playlist]