Peace and welcome to "All Euro Everything" Part Deux, AKA Entry #4.  

After leaving Paris, Amsterdam was the next stop, followed by Ghent, Belgium, to close out their 10-day Gentse Feesten at Charlatan on Vlasmarkt Square. My Dutch gig wasn't really in Amsterdam proper, but in a small beach town called Blijburg, about 30 minutes outside the city. Rained fucking horses and small cars all day, but between our indoor space at the bar and the outdoor tent there were still over 2,500 people in attendance. Ghent was more of the same EU festival hype…just magnified by about 50,000 people, partying till past sunrise, and with far less rain. Flew home Tuesday morning and jumped right back on the horse Wednesday, teaching at Dubspot and rocking with my brother Akalepse at Props 'til after 10 that same night. Got hustle?

(Also, check out my new video collabo with New Balance. One enormous love to DJ Mars, Bril, and New Balance for asking me to be a part of their incredible new ad campaign! Some of the biggest branded light I've ever gotten, and I am beyond appreciative for it. Thank you Mars! You are the fucking man!)

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