3. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Of all the horrible franchises out there, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam takes the cake because it does what few series can. Yes, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam marries two tired ideas in one convenient coaster of a disc. Koei first tried this in 2007, figuring it would invigorate its aging, decade-old Dynasty Warriors series with the melodramatic mechs from the aging Gundam cartoon. How'd that work out for ya?

Instead of laying button-mashing waste to human masses, we got to press the exact same buttons and do it to big metal robots. We yawned, but five people somewhere must have liked the game because Koei released another one in 2008, another in 2010 and—wait for it—one more last month.

Maybe Koei should pit the Gundams against the Power Rangers next time. You know, combine three horrible ideas and make a play for Worst. Game. Ever.