Casio SK5

Year released: 1987

Just Blaze: "The Casio SK1 was the first keyboard to bring sampling to kids—well, not really to kids 'cause it wasn't marketed as a kids toy, but just to mainstream awareness. Before that there wasn't a keyboard where you could record sound into and play it back. The SK5 took it a step further. It had four drum pads that you could assign sounds to. No sequencing or anything like that, but you could put a sample on a pad and play it over and over. My best friend at the time, Greg, his sister got one and we jacked her for that. That was where I first sampled something. That was around the same time I realized that my mother's James Brown and Isaac Hayes records were the same one that rappers were rapping over. So I was like, Oh, Public Enemy used this? I'll put it in the keyboard and keep looping it over and over. 

What really bugged me out was De La Soul had an EPK back then that Ralph McDaniels used to play on Video Music Box and at one point Prince Paul is breaking down the concept of break beats and the records he would get them and how you can get beats from anywhere. It could be church records, it could be rock records, it could be kids records, and he breaks out the Mickey Mouse Club theme from a Disney record and it has this crazy drum break. First you're bugging like, Yo! Mickey Mouse Club got beats! But then, you look at the top of his set-up, he has the same Casio SK5 sampler." 

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