Toshiba Stereo Cassette Player KT-4548

Year released: 1986

Just Blaze: "There was a Toshiba Walkman—well, I guess you can't call it a Walkman 'cause it wasn't Sony, but fuck it, it was a Walkman—and it had a digital LED display and it had fast-forward and rewind buttons. A lot of portable tape players at the time only had fast-forward. If you wanted to rewind it, you had to flip the tape over, press fast-forward and flip the tape back. And it had bass, mids, and treble. My Uncle Johnny gave that to me. Both me and my brother got one. That was heavy for us because no we can listen to our music anywhere. When I got that Walkman, I went and bought Criminal Minded, Salt-n-Pepa Hot, Cool & Vicious, and maybe Dana Dane With Fame."