General Electric VCR

Year released: Circa 1985

Just Blaze: "The VCR was huge! Besides being able to to watch movies at home, it opened up an entirely new revenue stream for movie studios. I remember when they first came out, we were fortunate enough to have a VCR, buying a tape was like $90. And some were more than that. I can't remember the exact model we had, but it allowed us to record a seperate track of audio onto your video tape.

"I had a school project where we had to score a scene of a movie. Everyone was bringing in VCR tapes and playing a tape recorder with the volume of the movie down. We took a second VCR and recorded the fight scene from the end of the Ninja Turtles Movie and laid music right over that. I walked into school stuntin'! I didn't need a seperate tape recorder, I walked in with my videotape."