Apple MacBook Air

Year released: 2008

Just Blaze: "One of my good friends, Jonathan Geller, who runs the Boy Genius Report, and I always wanted a small Apple laptop. We went through all different ways to go about it. I mentioned the Sony UX, I had hacked Mac OS X on those. I put OS X on netbooks over the years. I put OS X on an OQO. Any small laptop there was, we tried to put Mac OS X on it. When it comes to my work, I need to use a 17-inch MacBook Pro, but I don't want to carry that everywhere, but you want to have that experience. What I had been looking for was a slim-profile computer that I can take to DJ. I didn't want to lug a 17-inch computer to the party every time. 

If you ever see one taken apart, you will truly appreciate the work that went into designing that custom motherboard. The original MBA had a processor that was on par with older MacBook Pros. You could get it with an SSD which wasn't too common at the time. It had some design flaws, like one USB port. But for the first time I had a MacBook that was so small I could throw it into the smallest bag and go DJ somewhere, which was all I wanted. And I finally got it."

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