Serato Scratch Live

Year released: 2004

Just Blaze: "Scratch Live is probably the most important gadget in the DJ world since the Technics 1200. I remember Grandmaster Flash refused to use anything but records, but it got to a point where promoters were paying more to ship his records than it cost to ship him. Serato wasn't the first to do it. Final Scratch was similar in principle to Serato and it was cool. It had a lot of the same functionality, but was a bit bloated and a bit cumbersome to use. Then Serato came out very barebones—all it gave you was two turntables and a mic—same operation as using vinyl, but you're using your computer. Thanks to their aggressive and smart marketing the hardware became a standard. Now all nightclubs have a Serato box. All I have to do is show up with a bag."