Motorola MPX

Release date: 2004

Just Blaze: "As I mentioned I'm good friends with Jon Geller a.k.a. Boy Genius. The way we met was, he had an at the time unreleased Motorola device called the MPX. The MPX was basically a Windows Mobile device that had dual hinges on it. It was rumored and then shots of it popped up in the wild, but nobody knew anything about it. At the time it was a revolutionary device. It was touchscreen, ran Windows Mobile, and it could open up like a cell phone or open like a TwoWay. Long story short, I get a message that this kid wanted to meet him, he was a big fan, and someone was like, 'Listen, this kid has a lot of gadgets, he could probably come through for you with something.' So I was like, 'OK, tell him to bring something through'. He calls him and he says, 'Yo, I have a Motorola MPX. Do you want it?' And I'm like, 'Yeah, right.' He says, 'No, really.' So I say, 'OK, fine, come down.' We had mutual friends and he came down moreso as a fan. But he comes with the sacrificial lamb, he comes with the phone. It's in a box, it's actually marked like it's straight out of a Motorola lab. We've been friends ever since. Not because he gave me a phone, but because we're on the same wave length. 

"The looks that I would get when I would pull that device out—people didn't know what to do with themselves. They would say, "Wait a minute, your phone just transformed!" You could open it one way and use it as a flip phone or flip it another way and use it as a TwoWay. At the time that was something a lot of people wanted. But as usual with Motorola and their most innovative products, they couldn't really get it together. It came out in very limited quanities in, like, Singapore."