Pioneer CDJ 1000

Year released: 2001

Just Blaze: "The CDJ 1000 was the first time DJs were able to manipulate their music like vinyl. We had CD DJ equipment before, but never with jog wheels that had the feel of vinyl. Some people didn't like it; I loved it. You also had cue-points. I'll give you an example of the benefits of cue-points: Black Sheep "The Choice is Yours". Most DJs start it at the "engine, engine, number nine" part. Before, you had to go skip through the record and find it to play it in time. Now we had cue-points. I find that part of the record, make it a cue-point on my CDJ and no problem. I don't have to spin anything, it's already there.

"For me, the relevenace of that was I could take a more production-based approach to DJ other than scratching and DJing. Now I could use the cue-points like drum pads on a drum machine while another song is playing. Now i'm making my own drum track over another song, so it's like I'm using the CDJ like a drum machine. A lot of the work I do is cue-point based, as opposed to scratching and mixing. And that all started with the CDJ."

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