Korg Triton

Year released: 1999

Just Blaze: "The Korg Triton and Trinity definitely defined the sound of hip-hop, I would say, going from 1998 to 2001. The two major driving forces behind that were the Bad Boy production team and the Ruff Ryders production team. Those guys had entire sounds based on the Triton. DMX's first album was majority Triton sounds. The staple Bad Boy equipment when Puff had his Hitman production was the MPC and the Korg Triton. Two things happened: Everyone went out and bought Korg Tritons and Trinitys, and it got to a point where the sounds were pretty much unusable at a time. I was a fan of the Rolands sound more, I always thought they were more realistic. But as much as I love Roland—they definitely had sounds that defined a generation—Korg's sounds with the Triton and the Trinity were synonymous with that generation of hip-hop.