Motorola Accompli 009

Year released: N/A

Just Blaze: "The Motorola Accompli was supposed to be the follow-up to the TwoWay, except it had a phone built in and a color screen. This is funny: Me and Boy Genius, from Boy Genius Reports, both got scammed by the same person on eBay claiming to have had the Accompli 009. I don't want to put her name out there 'cause I still want to show up to her doorstep one day. She posted pictures saying she had it—they were just press shots. She wanted $900. Back then, PayPal didn't have the same safeguards as they do now. So I sent her $900, she dissappears. I track her down, she eventually gives me a tracking number, but it's a old tracking number for something else. She was real stupid. She used her real name so I was able to look her up. I got her address and her other house number. I keep track of her movements, I have her current number, I know where she lives.

Years later, I became friends with Boy Genius and we realize we both got scammed by the same person. I later found a guy who had an engineering sample of the Accompli. What was dope was you could get your messages while you were on the phone which is common now, but this is when SMS was starting to hit it big. Ultimately, Motorola didn't support the device, it never fulled launched it and went by the wayside."