Ensoniq ASR-10

Year released: 1982

Just Blaze: "Everyone who knows anything about production knows what the ASR-10 is. I got it becuase I was reading a Rap Pages article about Rza, he said that's what he uses, so that's what I had to get. I basically conned my Aunt—the same one that got me the Sega Genesis games. My great-grandmother had just passed. I remember her telling me that if I liked music that's what I should be doing, don't let nobody tell you different. I told my Aunt that and said I needed the ASR-10. She said, "How much is it?" I said, "Uh, about $2,000". She said, "What?!" We went to Sam Ash and they had a bunch of other cheaper ones, they had a Roland S-770, and I said, Auntie, Rza doesn't use these, Rza uses that. God knows how many years she spent paying it off on her credit card, but she got it. At that point, for me, things begane to get more serious in terms of making music. "