Motorola StarTAC

Year released: 1996

Just Blaze: "Before the StarTAC, cell phones were mostly Zack Morris phones. Then all of a sudden you had the StarTAC which could fit in your pocket. But people figured out how to clone the unique identifiers for the phones. By the time that trick made it to the hood they were calling them Burnouts. I had a dude who had a connect for those. In high school in the mid-to-early nineties no one had a cell phone and I was coming through with the StarTAC. They would only last for two months becasue the telephone companies would catch up, cut the line off and you had to go buy another phone for $200. But that was the first time I was the man for having a phone that no one else could get. That introduced a whole new thing into my life which was getting into gadgets outside of music."