Fisher Price See 'N Say

Year released: 1965

Just Blaze: "Going back to the earliest days, the first gadget would have to be the See 'N Say. Basically, it was a circular toy, you pulled the string, and whatever animal it landed on it would play the sound of that animal. As a kid it's one of your first forays into learning association. To take it a step deeper, when I was around five years old—between five and six—is when I first learned the concept of scratching on a record. The original version of the See 'N Say was an analog toy meaning the sound was produced by some sort of tape that was inside of the machine. Later versions were digital, so this trick didn't work, but what I discovered was, if you took the drawstring and played it backwards, the sound would play backwards. That was my first understanding of what it was to hear a sound backwards. So then I would hear my cousin play these tapes with these guys playing a record backwards, and so, to be honest, where I first understood the concept of scratching was from these toys.

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