Dream Cast: Jamie Bell as Yorick Brown
Dream Director: Marc Forster
Set in a world where nearly everyone with a Y chromosome has been wiped out thanks to a mysterious plague, Y: The Last Man focuses on the exploits of the last surviving dude, Yorick Brown, and his pet chimpanzee, Ampersand. While there are many drawn out post-apocalyptic comics available, Y: The Last Man is definitely the most organized as writer Brian K. Vaughan provides a logical beginning, middle, and ending for the series over the span of 60 issues.

A movie version wouldn’t be similar to the disease ridden horror of, say, The Walking Dead, nor would it be as depressing as Sweet Tooth's take on the world's end. Instead, Y: The Last Man would feature humor and heart, all while critiquing modern society and the role of the sexes. We're still betting that being the last man on a planet solely populated by women would be just as scary as a couple thousand zombies lumbering after you.

However, because the comic ran for 60 issues, any movie adaptation would have to be either severely truncated or reworked. But the material is so strong and innovative that to completely ignore its cinematic potential would be a crime.