Dream Cast: Bradley Cooper as Jon Moore, Bryan Cranston as Jake Ellis
Dream Director: Duncan Jones
Over the past five years, Image Comics has overtaken Marvel and DC as the most consistently entertaining and daring comic company in the U.S. Featuring books like Chew and The Walking Dead, the company is a model for creativity, and 2011’s Who is Jake Ellis? continues the company’s genre-defying momentum.

The story follows a globetrotting spy/criminal named Jon Moore and his ghostly protector/guardian angel, Jake Ellis. But the strange thing is that Ellis can only be seen and heard by Moore, leaving him to wonder if he even truly exists. Sort of like Dexter's father.

Nathan Edmondson’s writing elevates the cliché ridden spy genre into a more psychological direction and, in turn, crafts a fresh comic that seems destined to hit the big screen. The writing is coupled by some beautiful art by Tonci Zonjic that would be a perfect blueprint for the movie's action scenes. With the potential to feel like a hybrid of The Bourne Identity and Fight Club, a Who is Jake Ellis? film could be a globetrotting, head-scratching flick that would leave people guessing even after the closing credits.