Dream Cast: Guy Pearce as Jesse Custer, Colin Farrell as Cassidy, Elizabeth Banks as Tulip O’Hare
Dream Director: Robert Rodriquez
Preacher, Garth Ennis’ ultra-violent mockery of organized religion, is deeply disturbing and hilariously twisted. After a bedraggled southern man of the lord, named Jesse Custer, gets possessed by an entity known as Genesis, he goes on a cross country odyssey to find God. It turns out that Genesis is the lovechild of an angel and the devil, which makes Custer's nemeis the ultimate force of good and evil all at once.

Ennis litters the comic with high levels of gore and overall sleaziness, but also provides a sophisticated level of depth when he delves into heavier subjects. With a supporting cast that would include a hard-drinking Irish vampire and a character simply named “Arseface,” it’s hard to imagine Preacher not earning an R-rating. And that's just a tough sell for studios.

An adaptation of Preacher has been stuck in development hell for a decade now, but, unfortunately, recent rumors have attached I Am Number Four director DJ Caruso to the flick, along with Shia LeBeouf for the role of Custer. If that ever happens, every ticket for that monstrosity should come with an Asprin the size of a car battery.