Dream Cast: Ryan Gosling as Zack Overkill
Dream Director: David Fincher
It’s not often that Marvel strays from the superhero genre, but with its independently focused Icon imprint, the company has expanded its stories to be about more than just capes and tights. One of the most successful, and filmable, books over at Icon is Ed Brubaker’s Incognito.

The story revolves around a former career supervillain named Zack Overkill who's currently in Witness Protection due to his testimony against his former boss, the Black Death. After years of boredom, Overkill starts experimenting with illegal drugs in order to feel some excitement again, but he quickly learns that the drugs give him back the superpowers that the government stripped from him.

Don’t let the super powers fool you, though—this book is as far removed from the likes of Spider-Man and Batman as possible. Brubaker has a knack for writing pulp crime stories, and his work on Incognito is more akin to the classic noir stories from the '20s and '30s, as opposed to the superhero stories of today. It’s violent, foul mouthed, and morally ambiguous; under a director with some visual flare, Incognito could be a gritty treat for fans of crime dramas.

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