Dream Cast: John Cho as Tony Chu
Dream Director: Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland)
Tony Chu is a detective working for the FDA who has the unnatural ability to get a psychic reading off of whatever he eats. As you can probably tell, this gift makes him a fantastic detective, although it does force him to solve grisly murders by taking a bite out of a corpse or two. 

Having only been in print for two years, Chew is fairly new, but it has been so impressive during its brief run that fans everywhere are already salivating at the thought of it being turned into a movie. With his light tone and dependence on humor, writer John Layman hasn't been afraid to challenge the conventional thought that modern comics should only be grim and gritty. 

Chew’s manic tone would have to be perfectly captured by a director that isn’t afraid of going a little bit over the top with his/her visuals. There's a cartoonish quality to the book as it never takes itself seriously at all. This won’t be a nuanced, arthouse masterpiece by any means; rather, Chew would appeal to anyone who enjoys a heaping dose of grossout humor and ridiculous plots.