Dream Cast: Andrew Garfield as Adam Chamberlain, Emma Stone as Cyndi Chamberlain
Dream Director: Sam Mendes
American Virgin is about a young Christian preacher, named Adam Chamberlain, who decides to wait until marriage to lose his virginity to his girlfriend, Cassie. But after Cassie, who works for the Peace Corps, is raped and beheaded by terrorists, Adam’s world begins to crumble as he searches for her killers. In a world where simple religious differences can spark wars, American Virgin provides the type of intelligent satire thats forces the reader to actually use their brain in between each off-color joke.

The book, written by Steven T. Seagle, perfectly blends humor, social commentary, and some ludicrous plot points into one original package. Religion is often a taboo subject for movies, but American Virgin doesn’t condemn or condone either way, instead providing a thoughtful criticism for all sides of the argument.

It’s satirical and relatable, yet completely nihilistic. The book’s focus on story and character is a welcome change of pace from the modern comic movie genre's focus on accurate costumes and Easter eggs that only hardcore fans ever notice, anyway.