Symptoms: We were secretly grateful for the lack of towns in FFXIII. Everytime we walked into a new town in an RPG, we were filled with a mixture of excitement and a rush of anxiety. It’s great meeting new useless NPC’s and buying new items, but we absolutely MUST explore every inch of that town before leaving. It doesn’t matter if we can return later…we’ll always have that feeling of having left something behind if we don’t barge into every NPC’s house and raid every single pub and shop.

IRL: When you think about it, it’s some creepy Gestapo behavior to be running around, invading every single building with impunity. Didn’t the commies already do this during the Cold War? We're betting it still goes on today. We're talkin' about you, Syria. So even if you aren’t so neurotic that you’re breaking into every possible building in your city because you don’t want to miss out on something, some dictator is living that dream for you. Kim Jong Il, he's paranoid as hell.