Constantly Reloading Your Game Save

Symptoms: You’ve FINALLY completed that difficult bounty hunting mission in Red Dead Redemption. Unfortunately, you accidentally killed the bounty instead of lassoing him. The difference in the monetary reward isn’t that great... but... hell, you reload the game save anyway. The mission has to be done properly. Even if you completed the objective, it wasn’t done to your OCD satisfaction. You don’t even want to reload, but that raspy, whispering voice inside tells you to do it anyways, precious. Or maybe you didn’t kill the boss the "right" way, meaning you don’t get that special drop. Or your honor gets knocked down. Maybe you used an item you didn’t want to. Either way, the effect isn’t that grand in the long run. None of that matters when you have the power to reload.

IRL: A lot of people already do this, it’s called "divorce." The only problem is, you can’t reload your younger self. A cougar dating site is the closest thing, but that’s more of a corrupted game save. And you can’t go to the trendy bars anymore because then you look like that old dude acting just a pedo.