Is documenting your life getting in the way of the living and enjoyment of your life? Then you need to cop a pair of ZionEyez HD Video Recording Glasses. Funded via Kickstarter, these shades may look like your average pair of black plastic-framed sunglasses, but they’re stuffed with a 720p HD video camera and 8 GB of flash memory for storage of all the clips you record. The ZionEyez also have built in Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data transferring to a computer or an iPhone or Android phone running the “Eyez” app which can post your video directly to your preferred social networks. If paired with streaming video services like Qik or LiveStream, you could broadcast your life live. 

The ZionEyez team surpassed its $55,000 Kickstarter goal, so the glasses will be made and sold for $150. Head over to the ZionEyez website to learn more. 

[via Uncrate]