It was all good just a… day ago? 

On Wendesday, it was reported that the Winklevoss twins were finally giving up their legal battle against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. It seemed the futility of the situation finally managed to seep through their gelled scalps. Nope. Not in the least, apparently, as the Winklevii, as they're colloquially now know, have decided that they aren't done wasting ducats in court trying to enlarge their initial $65 million settlement—nope, they've decided to re-open their original lawsuit against Facebook

The Winklevoss twins claim that Facebook withheld key evidence during its the original lawsuit. Facebook says it's all bullshit, and that these allegations are nothing new. “These are old and baseless allegations that have been considered and rejected previously by the courts,” Neel Chatterjee, the lawyer representing Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, told