7. She founded the charity Faces of Kibera.

In the summer of 2007, Mara traveled to Kenya as part of a volunteer program that works in Nairobi. When given the option of which area to volunteer in, Mara chose Kibera, which turned out to be the second largest slum in all of Africa. She soon found herself in the middle of a one square-mile expanse of land surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people deprived of government assistance.

Yet, the program she was committed to was more interested in profit and consequently failed to provide the volunteers with adequate resources to help those in need. Thus, upon returning to New York, Mara made it her mission to provide for the people of Kibera in a more effective and expansive way by founding Faces of Kibera, which creates homes, medical facilities and various other projects that care for and support the village's children. You've got to respect that.