Last week, the Internet was set ablaze by the leaking of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo red band trailer, giving cinephiles and book nerds alike their first good look at director David Fincher's (The Social Network) heavily anticipated adaptation. Although it was quickly taken down and replaced by the censored, though still badass, green band trailer, the blog-o-sphere couldn't stop commenting on the unrecognizable transformation of its star, 26-year-old newcomer Rooney Mara.

Previously seen in The Social Network as the girl who rips Jesse Eisenberg a new one in the opening scene, Mara's new role as the impenetrable and enigmatic Lisbeth Salander of author Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy is unlike anything we've ever seen before. Well, outside of the Swedish film version, of course.

Given some of the hostility from the fans of the original Swedish film towards the new, arguably unnecessary Americanized version, more than just Mara's career rests on her breakout film—quite possibly the dignity of American cinema does, as well. While we have to wait until December 21st to see the film, let's get to know the girl who is poised to enter Hollywood's A-list by year's end. 

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