For most people, air travel is typically a pain in the ass. The uncomfortable seats, the non-existent legroom, the weird forked headphone jacks-- by the end of it, we're usually just happy to have landed in one piece. But French airplane manufacturer Airbus wants to change all that, and recently unveiling a plane concept that reinvents the flight experience from the inside out.

The cabin of the concept plane is divided into three designated zones-- not First Class, Business and Economy, but "Vitalising," "Interaction" and "Smart Tech " for relaxation, socializing and media/gaming respectively. The zones come with such amenities as seats that morph to fit your body, accupunture and massages, personal holographic media displays and bionic walls that morph depending on conditions inside the aircraft.

Tacked with a realization date of 2050, the Airbus concept plane is a fascinating vision completely unburden by modern technological and budget constraints. As such, we have to say that we have a hard time imagining something like this actually existing, even in 40 years. But still, it doesn't hurt to dream.

If only we could get the TSA to reimagine the future of security screenings.