HBO's True Blood doesn't shy away from nudity or intense sexual romps, but series creator Alan Ball wouldn't quite call it pornography. In a recent interview with The New York Times, he argued that the show's exploration of "the primal nature of sex" shouldn't be seen as smut because "porn is about body parts and art is about souls."

Sci-fi fantasy has its thrills and all, but let's be honest, True Blood's carnal content has always been more than just a minor bonus. Ball attributes the show's latent sexual suggestiveness to its main characters being ripe with centuries worth of ancient sexual innuendos. "Vampires are total sexual metaphors, there’s just no way around that."

Ball also filled us in on Anna Paquin's on-screen beside manner, saying she had a "total fearlessness" when it came to being nude on camera. "I know there are a lot of actresses who would be uncomfortable with the way we depict sexuality on the show, because they just don’t want to be seen naked." But apparently with Paquin, "that was never an issue."

With only a little over a week away from Season four's premiere, we feel comfortable contending that while seeing Anna Paquin naked might not be the only reason we're anxiously awaiting True Blood's return, it's pretty high up there. And, It's safe to say we're not alone on that one.

[via NY Times]

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