In a new and (somewhat gleefully) ironic twist, To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen, the man who made a name for himself entrapping creepy pedophiles on hidden camera, has been caught, well, being a creep on camera. The National Enquirer claims to have footage of Hansen, 51, wining and dining a much younger woman (21 years younger, to be exact). Oh yeah, and did we mention Hansen is also married?

The young, hot blonde is former NBC intern turned Florida news anchor Kristyn Caddell, and Hansen has allegedly been having an affair with her for over four months. For a man whose claim to fame is busting bad guys on camera, we would have expected a little more discretion than to get caught having a romantic dinner out at the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach then going to Caddell's crib for the night. A hotel with adjacent rooms, or maybe even a pair of oversized glasses? C'mon, Chris, have you learned nothing from your years of undercover sleuthing?

[via National Enquirer]