Though Jersey Shore is inarguably at the height of its fame, the hit show's producers have kept busy with outside ventures. Case in point: The Nail Files, yet another sure-to-be-guilty-pleasure reality program courtesy of the same people who brought us our favorite gang of wasted guidos and smushing chicks. The series follows Katie Cazorla, owner of Los Angeles' The Painted Nail, and self-proclaimed—wait for it—“queen of nails.” Who knew the world of mani/pedis could be so cutthroat?

Judging by the trailer, the series doesn’t seem to bear any resemblance to Jersey Shore, except for Snooki making a two-second appearance around the 0:25 mark, but it looks like there’s enough hair-pulling, boozing, and death glares to make up for it.

The Nail Files will air on the TV Guide channel (they have original programming?) beginning June 21st. Don't act like you won't give it a look.