We guess blackouts and drug-dealing monkeys are all the rage in other parts of the known world.

The Hangover Part II's grossed $265 million globally over the weekend, bringing the unfunny comedy sequel's worldwide total to $488.7 million. Meaning, the Todd Phillips-directed flick has now surpassed the $467.5 million earned by the original film to become the biggest R-rated comedy of all time. The combined worldwide box-office receipts for both movies now actually exceeds $1 billion.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, box office figures in territories like the United Kingdom ($48 million), Germany ($31.5 million), and Australia ($30.4 million) have placed the film high up on the top 10 charts. And to think, it hasn't even opened either in Spain and Japan yet. Clearly, there's no accounting for taste anywhere in this world.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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