21. SPIDER-MAN 3 (2007)

Few movies have had more money-making potential than Spider-Man 3. Taking advantage of a ravenous fan base after the beloved second installment, the anticipation for this movie was undeniably feverish in the months preceding its release. Though, there were odd little clues to its inferior quality along the way, such as Topher Grace being cast as Venom and character Gwen Stacy's pointless involvement. But, for the most part, people ignored these signs because it was another Spider-Man flick directed by the great Sam Raimi. What could posibly go wrong?

A hell of a lot, apparently. Once Spider-Man 3 hit theaters, it left most comic book fans feeling absolutely gutted by the experience. Cramming in way too many characters and foolishly ratcheting up the camp, Spidey's third go-round was a massive disappointment. The overblown script was too cluttered for one movie, the actors were clearly sleepwalking through their roles, and Peter Parker's great emotional journey was replaced by cartoonish action scenes and special effects. Any superhero movie that features two separate dance sequences is clearly in trouble.