4. CATWOMAN (2004)

Halle Berry is the worst thing to happen to comic book movies since...well, perhaps ever. Her “performance” in 2004’s Catwoman is a shining example as to why she should be kept as far away from DC, Marvel, or any other company's catalogs as possible. This film barely resembled the Catwoman from the comics, aside from the uterus, and spits in the face of decades of rich mythology.

Selina Kyle is out as Catwoman in favor of Patience Phillips, a shy artist, but that's not as bad of a decision as casting Stone to play the film's villain; on the positive side, her botox-infused face made her look somewhat like the Joker. All that's left is nothing more than a cheap fetishist tease designed to attract hardcore comic fans who'll praise any actress in tights. Then again, it’s not shocking that a director simply named Pitof was responsible for such a terrible film.