15. BLADE: TRINITY (2004)

The IRS may know him best for tax evasion, but Wesley Snipes is regarded by everyone else as the one-time action movie champ who killed it as vampire hunter Blade. The first two Blade movies, both unflinchingly visceral, played a huge part in jump-starting the darker comic book movie trend that the likes of Christopher Nolan have capitalized upon in recent years.

Blade: Trinity, however, was a different story altogether. Gone were directors with a vision and in their place was David Goyer, a talented screenwriter who should never step away from his computer. Instead of the moody and realistic take on Blade that made the first two work, Trinity concerned itself more with shallow characters, vapid sex appeal (see: Jessica Biel), and Ryan Reynolds' incessant joke-cracking. It took a multi-million dollar flop for people to realize that decent script writers more often than not turn out to be lousy directors.