Director: Jorge Michel Grau
Stars: Adrian Aguirre, Miriam Balderas, Francisco Barreiro, Carmen Beato, Paulina Gaitan
The most passionate of horror fans love discovering those rare scare flicks that pay as much attention to intelligence and social commentary as they do to gore; they’re the perfect movies to show to friends and significant others who constantly ridicule their genre-obsessed companions for watching “those disgusting movies.”

Halfway into 2011, this year’s winner of such unique distinction is the Mexican cannibal horror-drama We Are What We Are, dark gross-out touching upon ideas of family strife, the oppression of poverty, and the most effective ways to cut human flesh before snacking on it. How first-time writer-director Jorge Michel Grau blends the shocks and brains into this lean, 85-minute freakshow is best left unspoiled, since We Are What We Are packs a fair amount of surprises and unforeseen gruesomeness.

We’ll just say this, for now: It’s about a recently widowed poor woman who’s raising three not-so-fine young cannibals, and how the kids must lure unsuspecting victims back to their home, where the fam performs elaborate, candlelit rituals before pigging out on human flesh. Name one other movie with a set-up even close to that one; once you see it, you’ll also have difficulty citing a recent horror flick that’s similarly thought-provoking and patient with its money-shots.