21. HTC Flyer

Specs: 7-inch touchscreen, 1.5 GHz processor, wi-fi, front- and rear-facing camera, 32 GB storage, 1GB of RAM, microSD Card Slot
Price: $600
For its first tablet, HTC simply brought the most beloved and praised features from its best-selling mobile phones to the Flyer. With that we get a well-weighted device with a bright, vivid display that behaves, for the most part, like an HTC phone. That can be attributed to the HTC Sense UI laid over Android 2.3 that allows you to check the weather, unlock your device, and arrange your home screens in a more dynamic way. HTC also included what it calls a magic pen so you can draw and write notes freehand if you so please. We weren't blown away by the pen, but the performance of the Flyer--especially the Internet browsing and video playback--sold us.