1. Apple iPad 2

Specs: Dual-core A5 processor, front- and rear-facing cameras, 720p video recording, HDMI screen mirroring
Price: Starting at $500
When a company updates a product and addresses most, if not all, the gripes and concerns consumers lodged after buying the first version, you have to tip your hat. Apple did just that. With the pressure from competing brands ramping up, it knew it had to up the ante a little more than usual. With the second generation of the iPad we got not only a thinner design and profile, but faster specs as well. Specs that made all other tablets seem, again, like also-rans. There's the new dual-core A5 processor that delivers graphics on par with full laptops, a better lithium-ion batter that can now last up to 10 hours, a front-facing camera and a 720p rear camera which lets you do video chats with Apple's FaceTime service; and then there's the price which, despite all the upgrades, managed to remain the same. We guess that's why Apple was able to push 1 million units in its opening weekend, besting the time it took the original iPad to hit a million by some 25 days. Magical, right?