2. Fujifilm Finepix X100

Specs: Fixed 35 mm lens, Switchable EVF/OVF, Built-In ND filter, Physical aperture, shutter, and exposure dials
Price: $1,199
Let's just get this out of the way early: You're not going to find a better camera for the price. It's not going to happen. When we reviewed the X100, we called it the Camera of the Year. We stand by that accolade. The feel, fit, and finish are second to none except, maybe Leica. We've seen our in-house camera guy, Jonathan Lees, rock his as an accessory. It's that serious. But for those looking to take pictures, it's a photog's dream. The fixed 35mm lens is incredible and forces you to work for your shots. Fuji has expertly placed the physical controls and dials for the aperture, shutter, and exposure in the most logical and easy-to-access locations. No digital menus and whatnot, this is the real deal. Even better, Fuji has just released a firmware update that fixes a number of problems people have been complaining about like focusing issues. Simply put, if you have the money--hell, even if you don't , save up--and you want a new camera, get the X100. You'll thank yourself later.