If horror movies and thrillers have taught us anything, it’s that door locks are useless. And that hot chicks with fake boobies almost always take a shower before dying in some horrific manner. As much as we appreciate the wet side of the latter, the former lesson is rather unsettling. Growing up, kids are taught that a person’s house is his or her safe place, the haven where life’s ills can’t infect one’s well-being. But, time and time again, cinema has scoffed at such a lily-livered outlook by staging some of the craziest attacks and tensest action right inside households that resemble the ones we lived in as rugrats.

The latest entry into horror’s “home invasion” subgenre comes directly imported from Spain: Kidnapped, a vicious assault of a flick that presents its unflinching coldness in 12 single-take sequences (and opens in limited theatrical release, as well as on Video On Demand, this Friday). A trio of criminals disrupt a family’s first night in their new home, holding the fam captive until things head south and people die, savagely.

Kidnapped is a battering ram on one’s nerves, but it’s not the best of its kind. Several other movies have made it even tougher for us to sit home alone on Friday nights. Obviously, we’re not talking about porno flicks, but, rather, the 10 Most Disturbing Home Invasion Movies. We’d tell you to lock your doors, but that’d be pointless now, huh?