We're all acutely aware that this Sunday is Father's Day. We've been shopping online at work for days now, after realizing that we hadn't gotten our dads anything yet. After all, they deserve the extra postage we'll spend on rush delivery; our fathers are probably the ones to blame for our forgetfulness, butt-chin and short attention spans in the first place. But of course, that's just a generalization.

We're definitely privy to the fact that not all dads are baseball-catching, Sunday barbecuers who raise well-rounded kids. Rather, some are love-child-bearing, mesh-shirt-wearing, tell-all-interview-giving D-bags responsible for the emotional turmoil of their children. And some of those children include a few of the most recognized female celebrities today.

Some have turned out to be bright and shining superstars, while other, infamous public figures haven't fared as well (see: Lindsay Lohan). Yet one thing these particular celebs do all have in common: They're all ridiculously attractive. So, as you get ready to spend some time with pops this weekend, share the following beauties, a.k.a. The 10 Hottest Women With Daddy Issues, with him. He'll not only feel better about himself, but also have some beautiful women to ogle. Two for one, folks.