Let's be real: No one watched the 2011 MTV Movie Awards last night to see who'd win the golden popcorn. Until Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II hits theaters in November 2012 (and finally ends the insanity), we're stuck sitting through awkward, breathy "thank you" speeches by the (seemingly) un-showered cast members of the vampire series throughout each of MTV's cinema-honoring broadcasts.

What people like us really tune in to see, however, are the sexy actresses and non-acting female celebs who shows up to sit through The Twilight Awards. More specifically, the celebrity women in short sparkly summer dresses who hit the red carpet just to make an appearance and/or be somewhere in front of cameras. In case you missed the MTV Movie Awards for other things, such as a basketball game or some radio station's mega-concert, we've compiled a convenient list of last night's unsung heroes, a.k.a. The Hottest Women At The 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

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