Last Sunday, the nation watched as Miss California, 21 year-old Alyssa Campanella, was crowned as the 60th Miss USA at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. But she's not your average beauty queen; the Jersey native turned L.A. resident is a history buff and a self-professed Star Wars fangirl. Yet, what ultimately sets her apart is that, as of today, she has not been linked to any career-threatening scandal.

Unlike many of Campanella's predecessors, no nude photos, sex tapes and/or illegal substance abuse allegations from her past have surfaced, and, evidently, she aced the question portion of the pageant. Phew! No excessive uses of "such as" or "major" riddled her speech. We're not doubting her ability to keep a squeaky clean image, but, let's be real: It's only been a week. For the sake of her keeping her crown, let's hope that Campanella doesn't add herself to our list of the 10 Biggest Beauty Pageant Contestant Fails.