TEKKEN Hybrid is a PlayStation 3 exclusive that NAMCO BANDAI has announced today and like its name suggests, it’s a mixed media mash-up.  Coming in November, it features both the full-length 3D film TEKKEN Blood Vengeance 3D and a remake of a classic PlayStation 2 game renamed TEKKEN Tag Tournament HD.  Put simply:  they are packaging a high definition version of an old TEKKEN game with the brand new CGI movie that looked incredible in the trailer revealed in May.  TEKKEN Blood Vengeance 3D will hit theaters on July 26 for a one night only event before it becomes a part of the Blu-Ray TEKKEN Hybrid package.  NAMCO BANDAI also mentioned in the press release that they have some unannounced surprises for TEKKEN Hybrid, so keep your eyes peeled.