Go-Fast Boat

1 oz. El Dorado 5 Year 1 oz. Sailor Jerry
.25 oz. Aperol
.75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
1 oz. Pineapple Juice
.75 oz Simple Syrup
13 drops, Angostura Bitters

Glass: Coupe
Ice: None
Garnish: Floating Lime Wheel

Shake. Strain.

"This drink features two different kinds of rum, and the second kind, the Sailor Jerry, has these great vanilla notes and some Christmas spices, which is slightly counter-intuitive to what you want in a summer drink. But cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and pineapple are just a match made in heaven. I would say it plays around with the idea of tiki without being actually tiki.

"On paper, pineapple and spiced rum, that sounds like it’ll be sweet. But then what we add the aperol, which is a rhubarb potable bitter, and it dries out the drink while adding one more complex note, the rhubarb. The drink goes from whimsical to dry and intriguing."