Year: 2000
Event: MacWorld New York 

Yes, we listed the PowerMac G4 Cube as one of the biggest fails in tech history, but that doesn't meant it wasn't a huge deal for Apple and Steve Jobs when released 11 years ago. Steve Jobs brought his love of all this minimalistic and cube-shaped from NeXT to Apple. This speciality version of the popular PowerMac G4 tower, was encased in a 10-inch tall arylic cube and made to seem as if its internals were floating. It was, at the time, the best designed computer on the market. It was also advanced, cramming the innards of a tower into a neat cube package while negating the need for fans—a convention-based cooling system was instead used to keep it cool and quiet. People close to the project have said the Cube was Steve's passion project, and you can see clearly in the unveiling how amped he is about his new creation. Unfortunately noone wanted to buy an overpriced piece of modern art posing as a computer. Sales tanked even after a price-drop, and Apple was forced to discontinue the machine only a year later.